XFree 3.2 w/ Chips&Tech 65545 Help!

XFree 3.2 w/ Chips&Tech 65545 Help!

Post by Peter Leonar » Sat, 24 May 1997 04:00:00


  I've recently installed Slackware 3.2 on my Gateway Liberty, and
I've been having problems with the new XFree 3.2 that comes with the

  I initially tried a working XF86Config from my RedHat 4.0 setup,
which uses XFree3.1x, but that didn't work at all, and I've gone to
manually editing the file.  For the record, the hardware is a 486/100,
640x480 DSTN display with a Chips&Technologies 65545 accelerator and
1M of VRAM.

  I tried using XF86Setup, which loads X properly so that I can use
the utility, but then the resulting XF86Config file that is generated
has the same problems that the one I've edited has.  An appropriate
mode (640x480x8bpp) is recognized, a workable dot clock is selected,
and everything goes, but then when X tries to come up, the screen goes

  No other virtual consoles are available (can't switch), but I can
telnet in, and see that X:0 is taking up nearly 100% of the CPU.  If I
kill the process, I still cannot get a console window, forcing me to
reboot the laptop (CTRL-ALT-BKSPC doesn't quit X, but CTRL-ALT-DEL
still works fine).

  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



PS - I've got an argument w/ a friend here.  It is a DSTN display, but
the chipset can do 640x480x16bpp.  Can the DSTN display handle that?
I thought they were limited to 256 colors.

PPS - I did try the generic SVGA setup, which got me the default
320x200 setup, but couldn't extend it from there.  I did previously
have the Chips&Tech config working under RedHat 4.0/XFree 3.1x.


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