2D/3D CAD for Linux

2D/3D CAD for Linux

Post by Leos Zaplatile » Tue, 16 Feb 1999 04:00:00

If you are looking for Mechanical CAD for Linux try www.varicad.com

New version VariCAD r. 7.0-1.6 et www.varicad.com/download.htm



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I am planning to port a 2D CAD system (URL:
http://users.pandora.be/desi-iii), now freeware,  to a Linux environment,
but I have a few (a lot) of questions:

First of all: the program is written in MS-Fortran 5.1, which fortran should
I use ? -- don't ask me to convert to C, I have then two years work with the
conversion alone (360 modules) -- what do you think about Absoft, Salford or
Intel (I have tried gcc -> too much troubles with equivalence statements) ?.
If possible freeware, then DESI-III for Linux will be freeware, else if I
have to invest in a compiler, DESI-III will become shareware)

Second: Can I have direct access to video memory with VESA standard calls ?
I have a few assembler routines to convert: save and restore a part of the
screen, draw lines and draw pixel text in some variations. Where can I find
info ? Or can I find a decent free and fortran compatible library ?

Third: Can I read from the mouse via system calls, which buttons are
activated, how many steps did the mouse in X and Y since the last "mouse

If all this can be solved, watch my site!

Thanks for your info and help.


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