MS-DOS access under Linux Gives Error. Please Help.

MS-DOS access under Linux Gives Error. Please Help.

Post by George Tof » Fri, 17 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying to kick the msdos habit, have installed a minimal Linux
system (Slackware A disk set) and am trying to mount a msdos filesystem.

    processor: 486sx25
    memory: 16meg RAM
    hard drive: IDE.  first drive /dev/hda - msdos >32M (type 6)
                      second drive /dev/hdb1 - swap
                                   /dev/hdb2 - native
    cd-rom: Mitsumi (old single speed)

    ms-dos 6.0
    Linux is loaded via a dos command:
        loadlin zimage root=/dev/hdb1 ro mcd=0x300,10

    fstab entry for msdos:
    /dev/hda1    /dosc     msdos    defaults

During Linux startup, I get message:
VFS: Can't find a valid MS-DOS filesystem on dev 0x0301
mount: /dev/hda1 not a mount point

Any ideas?  I've tried to mount msdos, but get similar messages.



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I'm new at programming in C. So I bought a book to learn

it. But this book is based upon MS-DOS.But I try to code

under linux.But the gnu C-libraries of MS-DOS and linux

don't match, I think.

Example :

The functions getch and getche described in my book are

located in conio.h. The linux version of gnu C doesn't

know this file.

So, can anybody help me ? Where can I get maybe a list

of the differences between MS-DOS and Linux gnu C-libraries ?

Minimal help would be : What function do I have to use

instead of getch and getche ?

thanx a lot, FANTHA


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