Linux on a Thinkpad 720 - 160MB disk, How?

Linux on a Thinkpad 720 - 160MB disk, How?

Post by Philip Papadopoul » Sat, 08 Oct 1994 01:36:25

Has anybody put Linux on Thinkpad 720? W/ 160MB disk?

I tried a slackware-compatible bootdisk from (something
like that) that would automagically detect the disk paramters.
It came back with 64 heads, and then proceeded to croak that
the head count was > 16.

Running PCTOOLS on this disk gives the following geometry
    head=64, cylinders=161, sectors/cyl = 32

With 512 bytes/sector that gives me 168,820,7xx bytes.

THis is an ESDI disk. If it was IDE with proper sector translation,
I could divide the heads by four and multiply the cylinders by
4 to get the same storage, but that doesn't work.

Any good ideas out there? Anybody done this?



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I am trying to install Linux on a Thinkpad 720,
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