Help using a TeleVideo terminal.

Help using a TeleVideo terminal.

Post by Michiel Tonema » Wed, 08 May 1996 04:00:00

I recently hooked up a TeleVideo 921 terminal to my Linux box (Joy !!!) and
it's working well, although the standard termcap entry doesn't exist for a 921
model (it does for a 910, 912, 920, 924, 925, 950, 955, 970 etc...), but I was
able to use one of the other emulations.

I have it almost perfect now, except that the tabs aren't expanded in vi :-(
This is not entirely true; the tabs are expanded on the current line AFTER a redraw.
This means that the only time the tabs work properly, is if I stopped and restarted
vi, which makes the tabs appear on the current line.

Does anyone know how to solve this .....OR..... has anyone got a working 921 termcap
entry .....OR....... Anything?


Michiel Toneman