tsx-11 GCC binaries error?

tsx-11 GCC binaries error?

Post by Craig A. Lemo » Thu, 02 Oct 1997 04:00:00

        I'm wondering if there was not some sort of error made
when the gcc binary distributions at tsx-11 were built...  I'll
admit I haven't had a chance to give glibc adequate attention.
There are supposedly two binary distributions : gcc and gcc-glibc.
I would have expected the gcc binary to contain gcc binaries which run
with glibc and compile libc5 ELF binaries.  I would expect the
gcc-glibc tar to contain a gcc designed for glibc in some way, maybe
the executables require glibc and/or is capable of building glibc

        What I found was that the gcc-glibc binary tar contained
/usr/lib/i586-unknown-linux and binaries that run with libc5 only.
The gcc binary tar (non-glibc) contained /usr/lib/i586-unknown-linux-glibc1
and binaries that cannot be executed by my libc5/ld.so 1.8.x system.
Am I messed up or is something backwards here?  I believe I had to
install both tar to get things behaving, being careful to install the
libc5 binary last.

        I also noticed that it's glibc1, not glibc2.  Am I wasting
my time with this completely?  Is there another gcc distribution (binary)
out there that I can trust to be squeaky clean for libc5 systems?

        Thanks for your time.

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1. Gcc 2.4.0 binaries are on tsx-11.


Please be aware that the there is at least one significant bug in GCC 2.4.0's
optimizer.  It is not possible to successfully build XFree86 with 2.4.0 (the
compiler dies with an internal error).  I do not know exactly what causes
this bug.  I sent in a report on this yesterday, and have a proposed fix for
it from Richard Stallman waiting in my mailbox for me to try when I get

Unless you have a specific need for 2.4.0, it may be best to wait for 2.4.1,
which is supposed to be "real soon", whatever that means.


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