xterms not updating utmp

xterms not updating utmp

Post by Steve Bro » Fri, 14 Jun 1996 04:00:00

My xterms/color_xterms are *not* updating the
utmp file (it looks like I am still logged in
after I have killed the window).  I have tried
(and failed) in recompiling both xterm and
color_xterm.  Some questions:  where is the
patch to the source or is there a handy pre-compiled
binary floating about?

I am fairly sure that the upgrade of libc broke
the xterms.



1. xterms not updating utmp


        xterm and color_xterm are suid root.  When using any shell, after
exiting X, w, finger and who show me still logged in.  Anyone know what I
need to do to fix it?


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