Slack. 3.1 and ISDN+pppd

Slack. 3.1 and ISDN+pppd

Post by D » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I have a Bitsurfr Pro, and Ameritech BRI ISDN. Under Slakware
3.0, my MLPPP xfer rates were not much better than single link
PPP under Linux. Under Win95, MLPPP was about 2x faster than
single link PPP.

Then I got Slackware 3.1, and it had pppd-2.2. Now my MLPPP is
about 2x faster than single link PPP !! I'm glad I upgraded.


1. ISDN cards compatible with Linux Slack 3.1 2.0.30

Hi, I would like to know what ISDN cards(model specific) are supported
under Linux....I know teleS are, and I was thinking about one of their PCI
models, but I am open for any suggestions/experiences you may have....
but keep it under $150 :)
Rune Knapstad

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"When two are served, you may begin to eat."

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