Need help with SCSI

Need help with SCSI

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I am trying to install Slackware 3.0 on a compaq 386sx system.  It has 6
megs of memory and a 528 meg IDE hard drive.  The problem is that I am
using a Future Domain TMC-850M 8 bit SCSI card with an external NEC
CDR-25 intersect CD-ROM drive.  The problem is that Linux cannot see the
card.  I have specified the card at boot time and it then does say
something about it, but it still can't use it.  The card's bios says
950 v8.40.  When linux boots it says "No bios32 extensions present, sorry
this version still needs it."  Is this referring to the SCSI bios?  OS/2
can use it, why can't linux.  Am I doing something wrong?  Any help with
this could be greatly appreciated, I am at wits end.




1. Need Help With SCSI Tape Drive Interface

We have a DECStation 5000/200 running Ultrix 4.2 and are doing IO to Exabyte
tape drives.  The manual for the drives gives information on the SCSI commands
it will accept.  How can I issue one of these command either from within a C
program or from the unix xommand line?
I have been able to obtain rudimentary control using the ioctl function within
C and the mt command from the OS but these don't offer all the commands the
drives claim to acknowledge.
Please send e-mail as I posted this message to several groups none of which I
read frequently.

Thanx in advance
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