Linux in a multi-processing environment

Linux in a multi-processing environment

Post by HA.. » Mon, 25 Jul 1994 16:28:21

I wish to create a networked parallel computing system using Linux
boxes running TCP/IP.  The tasks these boxes are to perform is to
process images in realtime, and send the results to a host system.
The clients will also have to have the ability to receive databases,
paramters, etc.
Has anyone ever built such a system, or one close to it ?.
Any ideas, suggestions, etc. would be very much appreciated.
I know that linux is not a real-time OS, but I am thinking of
'adapting' the kernel.
If anyone is interested in the resulots of this project (6 months)
drop me your name.

Taufiq Habib


Linux in a multi-processing environment

Post by Daniel A. Supernaw-Iss » Mon, 25 Jul 1994 23:33:33

Take a look at pvm its on sunsite somewhere.

Daniel Supernaw-Issen

Daniel Supernaw-Issen


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