Computone & Linux?

Computone & Linux?

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Has anyone used a Computone Intelliport II serial board with Linux??
If so, could you get it to work?   Where did you get the driver?

Thanks for any info.


1. Looking for Linux drivers for Computone & Sunriver

A few months ago I made the move from SCO Xenix 2.3.4 to Linux 1.2.5
and couldn't be happier with the move.  I do have 2 boards in my
machine, however, that I was using with Xenix that I would like to be
able to use with Linux.  They are

Computone Intelliport II 4 port serial card (ISA bus)


Sunriver multiple terminal adapter (either HA-40 or HA-4T)

Does anyone know if there are Linux drivers available for these boards
and where I might find them.  I've tried contacting the 2 companies,
but they've been no help.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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