A bit of a problem with USB 2.0 external hard drive.

A bit of a problem with USB 2.0 external hard drive.

Post by Molchu » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 02:28:58


The device: ordinary IDE hard drive put in USB 2.0 housing.
Kernel: 2.4.21 (yeah, just got it)
OS: Slack 9.0

Basically, it hangs as soon as you start any I/O operations, it starts at
about 2 Mb/s then goes quickly down and then stalls without any disk
activity. After that it's impossible to 'umount' the device, if I call
'sync' it never returns!!! Obviously, I have to hit the reset, 'cos I cant
reboot or or shutdown properly since rc.0 or rc.6 never return too waiting
for 'sync' to come back. There is no consistency in 'dmesg' output, once it
gives me lots of I/O errors on /dev/sda1 (that's my external drive), next
time everything looks normal. That's pretty much it. Sorry if I missed

Last time I used the drive it worked fine giving me 12 Mb/s transfer rate.
The thing is I've been always using LFS system on all my computers, I like
systems which are not trying to guess what I want. As my military dad used
to say "A custom hand-maid gun is always better then the one off the
conveyor line". But recently I had to break my RAID, put more drives and
reinstall the machine, I decided to put Slack there. Demanding job of mine
doesn't leave me a lot of free time to build a new LFS system and Slack is
the closest thing to what I had. But unfortunately with the change came the
trouble. There is no way I'm blaming OS :) it's rather my lack of
knowledge, although Slack is trying to be "smart" too and load quite a few
modules for me which irritates me a bit (I haven't had a chance to go
through the boot scripts and cut the *out).

I refuse to believe that there is something wrong with the drive :), it was
my back up drive with 80 Gb of data, if I lose it I'll have to shoot
myself, please, don't let me kill myself :).

And where is Mr. "Dances with crows" I remember he was good at giving
hardware advices ;).

Thanks to all.