Problem with external monitor and apm on laptop

Problem with external monitor and apm on laptop

Post by Dorothea Muecke-Herzber » Thu, 06 Mar 1997 04:00:00

We encounter the following problem with our Armada 4130T running with
Linux (kernel 2.0.24) :

 During office hours our laptop is connected to an external monitor.
 After some time the apm shuts down the hard disk and the monitor.
 Our problem is that we can't convince the monitor to resurrect the
 X display. We can however switch to the other virtual consoles which
 work normally and then kill X and restart it. But that's not how it
 should work. I should add that when the laptop isn't attached to an
 external monitor a mouseclick or keyboard event resurrects the X

Can anyone give me a hint ?



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