looking for slackware 2.0 on cd rom

looking for slackware 2.0 on cd rom

Post by Peter J. Ku » Tue, 26 Jul 1994 23:59:24


where can i get linux 2.0 on cdrom? i assume this will work with any
cdrom/controller setup.




looking for slackware 2.0 on cd rom

Post by Randy Ju » Wed, 27 Jul 1994 01:58:45

: hi

: where can i get linux 2.0 on cdrom? i assume this will work with any
: cdrom/controller setup.

: thanks

: cu
: -pete

The InfoMagic CD-ROM is currently available from different resellers
Slackware Professional 2.0 is going to be available shortly.  For
information regarding this product, e-mail can be sent a mailserver

message.  For just a short while longer, a special preorder price of
$37.95 is being made available on this product.

Randy Just
Just Computers!


1. Slackware 2.0 Mitsumi CD-ROM & Adaptec SCSI controllers

 Hi all,

  This maybe an old issue but I just bought the Walnut Creek Toolkit for
  Linux 2 CD-ROM distribution containing Slackware 2.0 Linux.   I have a
  486DX2/66 VLB system with an Adaptec 1540 2 SCSI drives and a Mitsumi
  2x CD-ROM.  No IDE drives.   The package comes with a few kernels
  configured for different hardware configs.   I picked the SCSI/Mitsumi
  CD-ROM kernel.

  The problem I'm having is that no matter what the IRQ for the Mitsumi is
  set up as, the kernel want's it to be IRQ11.  The default (and only
  working IRQ) for the Adaptec is IRQ11.   If I set the Adaptec at a
  different IRQ than 11, the kernel reports the correct IRQ that I've
  set it to but hangs probing the SCSI bus.  When the kernel see's the
  Mitsumi board it assigns IRQ11 to it.   If the Adaptec is at 11, well
  you get the picture.   The only way to get the kernel to come up with
  the Adaptec and drives recognized is to remove the Mitsumi board (or
  change the base address which causes the kernel not to recognize the

  Is there any way to get this thing to come up with both units recognized
  and in a way that I can load linux off of the CD-ROM?

    Intel 486DX2/66
    VLB/ISA MB AMI BIOS (HiNT chip set ?)
    16MEG RAM, 256K External Cache

    Adaptec 1540 SCSI w/ 2 SCSI drives (/dev/sda1=180meg and /dev/sdb1=1.1gig)
    IDE Cntrl. (w/ HD disabled) as a floppy controller (1.44)
    Mitsumi 2x CD-ROM with Prop. Controller.
    Sound Blaster 16
    3C503 Ethernet Board
    2 Serial 1 Parallel 1 Game port board
    VLB Genoa SVGA card w/ 1meg RAM (uses National Semiconductor Chip ?)
    15" SVGA Monitor (1024x768 NI).

  Thanks in Advance!
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  |   Sr. Diagnostics Eng.      |          2652 McGaw Ave          |

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