Plug 'N Play Modem Under Linux

Plug 'N Play Modem Under Linux

Post by Clinton Herge » Mon, 25 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Is there any way to get Linux to recognise a PNP modem designed for
Win95? I recently bought a Cardinal MVPV34I, not realizing that it was a
PNP modem. It works fine under 95 but Linux will not even recognise the
serial port. In 95 I have it assigned to COM3, with my serial mouse on
COM2 and an empty serial port on COM1. When I boot linux, it only
recognises ttyS0 and ttyS1. Is there any way to get linux to recognise

Clinton Herget

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1. Help: Plug and Play Modem and Linux: linux can't see it!

I have a SupraExpress 288i Pnp modem.  In Windows, it configures as
COM3:, base 0x3e8, irq 12 (at least until I add something that uses that IRQ
:-) ).  In Linux, it won't see it.  I tried editing the rc.serial file to a)
manually set up the modem with these parameters, then b) I tried autoprobe.  
Neither worked.  At boot-up, I only see ttyS0. and ttyS1 that get noticed.  
Any suggestions, idea, comments, pointers?  I have found no documentation on
Plug and Play and Linux.  I also haven't found any drivers, etc. for the
specific modem or plug and play.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  
Please e-mail me and post to this group.

Thanks in advance,

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