Linux: the biggest Unix of 1997

Linux: the biggest Unix of 1997

Post by Scott Maxwel » Thu, 07 May 1998 04:00:00

This month's _Unix Review's Performance Computing_ magazine reports on
International Data Corporation's 1997 Unix market survey.  Linux is
not officially included in these figures (because it hasn't passed the
branding criteria), so SCO OpenServer won, with 237,000 units sold in
1997.  But, the article says,

        Another hot area is Linux. ... IDC estimated that new,
        licensed revenue-producing units of Linux servers totaled
        200,000 units in 1997, putting Linux right up there near the
        top.  And this doesn't include all those who have downloaded
        it for free.
        . . .
        IDC estimated that new, licensed, revenue-producing units of
        Linux were between one-half and three-quarters of a million
        units in 1996, and an astounding two million units in 1997.
        Again, this does not include the free, downloaded desktop

So there were about as many Linux servers as the market leader
(probably many more, in fact), and *ten times* as many non-servers.
Way to go, Linux!

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