Linux, Email, and Pilot

Linux, Email, and Pilot

Post by Alexandro Conde Martín » Fri, 10 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Hi ...... Iwill change my Win95 to linux, but i want to know witch is
the best e-mail software to use with my linux taht i can sync with my
pilot V.

I'm using Eudora Pro in the Win95, I read that you can use the Eudora
pro in the linux with the emulator, but you can sync it with the pilot

thanks !!



1. Gnome-Pilot Fails to Communicate with Palm Pilot

I recently performed a clean install of Red Hat 9 onto an AMD Athlon
system that previously ran Red Hat 8.   I installed Everything, and used
Update Agent to update the kernel and all packages.  Everything
operates fine, except for one problem.  I an no longer use gnome-pilot
to synchronize between my Palm Vx (running PalmOS 4.1) and Evolution.
In fact, gnome-pilot seems unable to communicate reliably with my Palm
at all.

I connect the Palm to COM1.  Using the gnome-pilot wizard, I setup the
communications option using /dev/ttyS0.  Once the wizard prompts me to
start synchronization, gnome-pilot seems to hang without
communication.  (About 1 time in 10 will communication be sucessful,
and I have gotten the Palm to synchronize twice out of 20-30

I have used statserial to monitor the port while I attempt to
synchronize.  When I start synchronization from the Palm, I see the
Clear To Send (CTS) and Data Set Ready (DSR) lines change state from
low to high.  Nothing further happens then, and the Palm times-out
about 30 seconds later.

I am at a loss as to how to debug this further.  It seems to me to be
a pretty basic communication port issue.  I have tried this both in my
regular account and as root, and I have tried reducing the baud rate
and changing the flow control settings on the Palm.  Nothing seems to

Please note that this system has been used sucessfully for months
before to synchronize, when I was running Red Hat 8.  It operated
flawlessly.  No hardware has been changed since that time.

I would appreciate any assitance that you can provide.  I submitted a
support request from Red Hat, but was told that this issue was not
covered under the basic support service.

Thank you.

Victor Atkinson
Syracuse, New York, USA

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