Remote Printing and Print Filters

Remote Printing and Print Filters

Post by James Kaufm » Tue, 20 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have a situation at work where a HP LaserJet 4 is on a Novell Network
and can also be accessed through a TCP/IP network. This occurs
using a little box called the NetPrint box. It contains firmware
that handles both SPX/IPX and TCP/IP requests.

Problem is, it can't do any kind of post-processing on the files
I send it. It appears that when I print from my Linux box (lpr filename),
the printfilters are ignored. This makes it harder to send postscript
files. I first have to manually filter the file through gs, then
print the resultant pcl file.

Any ideas on how to get the filters on my Linux machine to "kick in"
when I send to a remote printer?