wmppp/wmtime and afterstep's wharf

wmppp/wmtime and afterstep's wharf

Post by Phil DeBecke » Wed, 16 Sep 1998 04:00:00

> need help,
> after installing wmppp/wmtime as dockapplications, i've recognized, that
> wmppp/wmtime won't fit into the wharf's buttons.
> anybody knows a solution ?
> bye oli

The problem is that AS's wharf can't handle the 64x64 size of WindowMaker
applets (which is what wmtime and wmppp really are).  I switched from AS to
WindowMaker in part for that reason - I have to say that WM is a much nicer
window manager in any case, IMHO.

If you really want to stick with AfterStep, use ASModem instead of wmppp
and ASClock instead of wmtime.



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