file sharing

file sharing

Post by Steven J. Hathawa » Wed, 14 Aug 2002 14:30:41

> Hi, i'm looking for a software (possibly open source) that manages file
> sharing...can anyone help me?
> Is there a software that can read also data from Microsoft Outlook under
> a Windows based network?

> Thanks a lot.
> Gabriele Borelli

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There are several types of file sharing services.

    SAMBA implements Microsoft Windows (SMB system message block) file

    NFS implements basic UNIX network file sharing

    NIS/YP implements basic UNIX network sharing

    NFS-PLUS implements UNIX file sharing with enanced security features

    FTP implements basic network file transfer using IP

    HTTP ala Apache, can implement some browser-based directory tree file

In all of the above, you should also be aware of the various security
conserns associated
with each file sharing method.  Also some systems have "wierd" attribute
(i.e. SAMBA can use the UNIX/Posix file execute attribute bits to map the
file attributes of System, Hidden, and Archive).
attribute permissions must also
be controlled.

- Steve Hathaway


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