Crystal CS4237B sound chip support?

Crystal CS4237B sound chip support?

Post by Fred Heitkam » Sun, 21 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have a Crystalizer Tidalwave 128 sound card that uses the CS4237B and
CS9236 chips.  I was wondering if these chips are supported under
Linux?  I think there is CS4237 support, but the B chip is almost
completely different AFAIK.



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Having searched all the refs (FAQ's, HOWTO's, other dox) on my RH
installation, scoured the ng's, searched zillions of bytes of webinfo, I
am stumped (again).

I have a Crystal CS4237b sound card (PnP) in my Linux box.  While I find
info that says the Crystal sound card is supported, I cannot find any
tools that know about anything other than Sounbd Blaster stuff.  My
installation is RH 5.0, running on an IBM Aptiva 200mHz "stealth" box.
The box was originally a M$ Win95 box, witht he usual load of PnP stuff
I ditched the WinModem (for sale cheep), but can't afford to replace the
sound system.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Please email me directly.  Again,
if/when I am successful I will summarize the steps and post them for
general consumption.  If I can get the sound and scanner (another post)
working, my Linux setup will be complete, and at last functionally
superior to the former Windoze setup.

Thx again,
  Chuck Kinney

"Do Not Attribute To Malice
 That Which Can Be Attributed To Stupidity"

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