Work started on Linux drivers for Aureal Vortex sound card

Work started on Linux drivers for Aureal Vortex sound card

Post by Dan Kege » Wed, 19 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Looks like Linux drivers for cards based on Aureal's Vortex
chipset may be coming.  Here's what I was told:
- Dan

> Subject: RE: Linux support for Vortex cards?

> Our technical staff tell me that we have (just last week) sent the necessary
> information to a group who develops linux drivers.  (No schedule yet.)  We
> would be reluctant to provide our overall information to the general linux
> community as it would entail too much of our protected intellectual
> property.

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>    Subject:        Re: Linux support for Vortex cards?

>    Thanks for the reply.
>    Have you considered recruiting the Linux
>    community to write the drivers for you?
>    They'll do it gladly if you just release
>    enough info to them.
>    That's how e.g. the Ensoniq AudioPCI driver got written.
>    In about 2 months, the long-awaited Linux 2.2 will be released,
>    and it'd be cool to have your drivers included.
>    It could easily happen if you just ask for volunteers
>    to write the driver!  Let me know if you want
>    any help finding a qualified volunteer or two.
>    - Dan

>    > We have not yet developed Linux drivers.  It's on our list of things to
>    > do....but not at the top.


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I'm a non-expert user of linux, and I've got a PCI Vortex
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work under Linux, neither as a Sound Blaster compatible
card. I couldn't find support in the Aureal site, and I
couldn't find any driver on the Web. Please help me to make
my own device driver, to find a site with it, or send me one
just made. I have real knowledges of hardware, so don't be
afraid about what you write. Thanks from now!!!(And sorry
about my English, I'm argentinian (latin)!!!)

Maximiliano Rinaldi

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