gcc-2.7.2 compatible with Slackware 3.0?

gcc-2.7.2 compatible with Slackware 3.0?

Post by Michele Marzia » Tue, 09 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I'd like to know from experts out there if the gcc-2.7.2 _binary_
distribution available at sunsite is directly installable on a
Slackware 3.0 system _without_ replacing libraries (libc,libm).

I'm asking this since the release file for gcc-2.7.2 tells that the

"C library 4.7.5 (a.out) or above is required for generating the a.out
binaries and 5.2.15 (ELF) or above is also required to generating the
ELF binaries."

However, I tried libc-5.2.18 and it _breaks_ the functioning of most
binaries of Slackware 3.0. Thus I'd like to know if gcc-2.7.2 is
compatible with libc-5.0.9 (ELF) and libc-4.7.2 (a.out).

Michele Marziani
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gcc-2.7.2 compatible with Slackware 3.0?

Post by Michele Marzia » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi, I posted a similar question a few days ago but it seems I couldn't
get a satisfactory answer, if any. So...

I'm in the need of installing gcc-2.7.2 on my Linux ELF system since
I need to move to g77-0.5.17.
Well, it seems that libc-5.2.15 or later is required by gcc-2.7.2 for
generating ELF binaries.

However, I tried both 5.2.16 and 5.2.18 and they both  _break_ the
functioning of most binaries of my Slackware 3.0 distribution.

Thus, is the gcc-2.7.2 binary distribution directly compatible with
libc-5.0.9 (ELF), i.e. that included in Slackware 3.0?

If not, does libc-5.2.15 have the same behaviour?
How to solve this impasse? I really can't figure how. Even recompiling
most of the Slackware binaries seems impossible, if I can't have a working

Any advice?

Michele Marziani
Universita' di Ferrara     *     e-mail:


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