HELP! Messed up MBR

HELP! Messed up MBR

Post by Steve Sanya » Fri, 29 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I've made a terrible error, it seems.

I usually load Linux from disk.  It resides on my secondary hard drive,
whereas DOS and Windows NT reside on my first drive.

When I have tried to write LILO to the MBR, it has never worked, but
this time, but I was reinstalling Linux, and it accidentally overwrote
the MBR.

I've mounted my C: drive, which is a DOS drive, and I've gone in there
to see if I could find anything.  There is a boot.ini file there from
linux.  However, here are my problems:

I cannot access Win NT, since it resides on my NTFS, a Non-dos partition

on my primary hard disk.
LILO, which is on the MBR does not appear to be working now either, but
I can boot Linux from a disk.

Is there a way I can fix this, without losing all my information?  I was

also foolish enough not to create a Windows NT rescue disk.



PS: please reply by email if possible.