PC Week Labs Product of the Week: Linux

PC Week Labs Product of the Week: Linux

Post by Jeff Some » Wed, 13 Apr 1994 09:38:29

From the April 11 issue of PC Week:

PC Week Labs Product of the Week

Linux 1.0, a free Unix clone developed on the Internet, is easily one of the
most interesting products PC Week Labs has come across in a while.

Linux is a complete POSIX-compatible operating system with the X Window
System, good development tools, and complete TCP/IP networking.  We've
been pounding on it for almost a year, and it is invaluable as the
platform for our internal World-Wide Web, FTP, and X Window host server.

For users willing to do much of their own tech support, Linux can make
an excellent platform for applications that require a good multiuser
operating system but that don't justify spending hundreds of dollars
for a commercial Unix system.  The product, which will be reviewed in
an upcoming issue, can be downloaded from the Internet from several places,
including sunsite.unc.edu in /pub/Linux/distributions.  It is also available
by mail order from companies such as Linux Systems Labs, which can be
reached in Clinton, Mo., at (313) 954-2829.


It's surprising to see this because PC Week rarely talks about Unix, and
hardly ever reviews freeware (or even shareware, for that matter). I'm
looking forward to PC Week's review.

Jeff Somers


1. PC Week Labs chooses Linux for Top Products

PC Week Labs has chosen Linux for its listing of Top Products of the
Year for 1994.  The announcement reads:

While IBM and Microsoft try to outdo each other with lights and stage
smoke, it took a college student in Finland and a loosely knit
coalition of part-time programmers to create a Unix operating system
with advanced networking, development tools, and support for several
simultaneous users on a 386 PC with only 8Mbytes of RAM.  And you
can't beat the price--it's free.

[ PGP 2.6 was also listed. ]


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