ftptool question

ftptool question

Post by Elan Feingo » Wed, 29 Jun 1994 23:03:05

I got the ftptool off sunsite.unc.edu, and then had to get the shared XView
libraries.  Apparently the ftptool I got was linked with release 2 libs, so
I got the header files and recompiled.
Unfortunately, even though it compiles and links fine, it core dumps on
startup time, right after the window frame appears.  It seems to be dying in
an XView routine.  Does anyone have either a statically linked version of
ftptool, or a dynamically linked version (preferred) that works with XView v3
libs (and term?)  Any help is MUCH appreciated!



1. ftptool question

Hi all,
My guestion is how do I get ftptool to download files to a local
directory chosen by me.  So far if I start ftptool in that directory it
works, but if I want to change the local directry (from the menu) it
still downloads files to the ftptool startup direcotry.  Also, another
question.  Howcome when I do list files in local directory I dont see
the first character of the file names????  Thanks for any help,


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