Ethernet for Agenda VR3!

Ethernet for Agenda VR3!

Post by William Kendric » Mon, 09 Jul 2001 16:56:49

Someone just mentioned (on one of the Agenda mailing lists)
that optiCompo Electronics is working with the German branch of
Agenda Computing to produce an ethernet adapter for the Agenda VR3
Linux-based PDA.

Here's a link with some info:

Features they list include:

  10 Base-T Ethernet Connection
  Uses VR3's high-speed serial bus (1.6Mbaud)
  Will have 4 status LEDs
  Driver will be Open Sourced (yay!)
  It's an "Active Ethernet Controller" ("less system load")

They have two mock-up photos.  One looks like a standard Agenda cradle
with an Ethernet RJ-whatever plug on the side.  The other is just a
doo-hickey you connect to the bottom of the PDA (not a cradle, but close).

The latter doesn't seem to have a serial pass-thru port.  I can't tell about
the cradle.  It's all very vapor so far, but they claim it's due out around
fall 2001 and should cost around US$100.


(Agenda game-coding geek :) )


1. Agenda VR3 review in Pen Computing Magazine

The March issue has a review of the Linux-based "Agenda VR3" PDA.
The review is a little dated (it sounds like the wrote it a few months
ago and didn't get around to publishing it until now), but it's pretty good.

The article doesn't seem to be online yet, but if you can find a printed
copy, the article is around page 52 or 53, and is two pages long.

FYI, I grabbed a Developers Edition about a month ago (I don't think they're
available any more) and it's a pretty nice machine, especially for the price.

As soon as they get some things ironed out (hand writing recognition is a
little hard, and they're working on ways to drastically increase the system's
general responsiveness), it'll be top notch.

Developing for it is insanely easy, too.  I've already written a small app.,
an arcade game, and have begun porting an emulator to it.  (The emulator
ran pretty out of the box... I'm just working on making the emulator support
PDA resolution, and creating a nice GUI launcher for it.)

If you're into Linux, you _need_ one of these.

If you're not into Linux, keep your eye on it, because it's going places!


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