Problems with Dosemu/Function Keys

Problems with Dosemu/Function Keys

Post by stobbe_.. » Tue, 25 Jan 2000 04:00:00

The situation: I've to setup a Clipper application
locatet on a "Netware
Fileserver" in a dosemu  Linux OS. It's Debian 2.1
with kernel 2.14 and
dosemu 0.98.1. The users connect to the
Linux-Server with telnet (Netterm)
from MS Windows PC's and starts dos. Linux is up
and running. Dosemu is up
and running, and the Clipper application is
running too.

The problem: I can't use shifted function keys and
keys like PageUp / Page
Down in the Dosemu. If tryed to setup a new
termcap entry for this keys and
Netterm but nothing happend when i use shifted F1.
(I though shifted F1
should be key_f13 in terminfo. That could be that
PageUp and PageDown are working when I telnet to
linux and for example use
the "Midnight Commander". When I use the dosemu I
just get a 3 or a 9 when I
use PageUp or PageDown.

Does anybody have an idea where the problem could
be or where I should have
a look ?

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Okay... I've been playing with this for a couple hours and still can't
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I've looked through the documentation several times, and tried to set up
termcap, to no avail.

I'm running it in an xterm under X.  (It doesn't work outside of X, but
I'd rather have it run under X anyway.)  I set up a copy of the xterm
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I've tried other things, but this ought to work, it seems --, set TERM
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Ed Haymore   |   AA6EJ

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