HELP on getting started (installing linux)

1. I am getting start with linux and i need help

I my name is thierry am french and i know that write in english is not
my best point but i have some troubles with my linux configuration and
i need help.

my configuration is a 486dx2/66 24Mo ram & 1 ide drive of 450 mo &
another of 320 for linux and two disk of one giga in scsi, my scsi
card is a Tekram DC-300b isa but (my mother card is VLB) my video card
is a ET4000 i have also an ethernet card 3c5x9 in BNC/COAX connection
with a novell server 4.10 and a sound blaster card 16 my mouse is a
track ball logitech mouse a cdrom mistumi fx001d with proprietary bus
That's all for my configuration

My linux kernel is 1.2.3

My firt trouble is i can't access to my scsi drive under linux
i just have one message at linux startup the message tell me that my
scsi card have no bios 32 and i don't no what to do (i just try to get
the scsi drivers for my tekram card under tekram web page but the
package files appears to be corrupt by my web navigator netscape 2.0
under windows 95 during the download process)

My second trouble is that i need the client under linux for access my
novell netware server if this posible.

and my last trouble is my sound card it doesn't work under linux i
that was because i chose a kernel without it but the kernel with sound
card don't recognize my cd-rom

I appreciate if you can't help and understand my.
you can't give me a response to my email address at

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