HELP: Linux 1.1.59 as SLIP Server

HELP: Linux 1.1.59 as SLIP Server

Post by Christopher O'Mall » Wed, 26 Jul 1995 04:00:00

    One more question :/ ..  Our trusty Linux 1.1.59 box is going to be used
as a developmental SLIP server.  I have IP Forwarding enabled.  I am using
Proxy-ARP correctly (I think..).  I can connect from the client to the server
and ping/telnet/ftp/nfs-mount/etc the server to my hearts content.  What I
cannot do is ping/telnet/ftp/nfs to any other systems on the Server's Ethernet
(which I'd really like to do).  Similarly, I cannot ping the client from any other
system on the server's Ethernet, but I can ping the client from the server and
I can ping the server from any other machine on it's Ethernet.  Here's our setup..

        Subnet  :

   I've been defining the server as the default gateway on the client.  I have our
two DNS severs defined on the client (  Can anyone point
out to me what I might be missing here?

                                        C. O'Malley



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I am trying to set up a Linux box (1.1.59 kernel) to be a SLIP server.
I can connect and login to the Linux box.  Once connected I can ping
the Linux box, but I can't seem to ping any other devices on the
same network.  I saw some messages making reference to running either
"gated" and/or "named".  Can somebody elaborate on these and what
might be some sample configuration files associated with it.  Would
appreciate any help.

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