ANNOUNCE: Slackware 3.5 CD-ROM $1.95

ANNOUNCE: Slackware 3.5 CD-ROM $1.95

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                      New from Linux Central  

                       Slackware Linux 3.5
                           CD-ROM $1.95

   Slackware Linux turns your computer into a powerful 32-bit
   multitasking workstation. Slackware 3.5 includes kernel 2.0.34.

   Develop programs with a full range of software development, text
   editing, & image processing tools. Play popular games. Connect your
   machine to the Internet and set up a WWW site, use electronic mail,
   & read USENET newsgroups.

    Highlights of Slackware Linux 3.5 include:
      o teTeX TeX                   o GNU Fortran-77 (v. 0.5.23)
      o GNU C/C++/Objective-C (egcs-1.0.3 and gcc-2.8.1)
      o Tcl (v. 8.0p2)              o TkDesk (v. 1.0)
      o Tk (v. 8.0p2)               o TclX (v. 8.0.2)
      o make                        o byacc and GNU bison
      o flex                        o gnuplot
      o the 5.4.44 C libraries (and an experimental version of glibc)
      o gdb                         o GNU common LISP (v. 2.2.2)
      o p2c (Pascal to C)           o m4
      o perl (v.5.004_04)           o rcs
      o emacs (v. 20.2)             o TCP/IP networking
      o SLIP/PPP                    o IP accounting and firewalls
      o Java SDK                    o BSD sendmail (v. 8.9.0)
      o inn,cnews, nn, tin, trn     o fvwm95, XF86Setup
      o ghostscript                 o xv(v. 3.10a)
      o GNU chess                   o xfractint
      o the Apache HTTP (WWW) server (v. 1.2.6)
      o Lynx (v. 2.8)               o Netscape Communicator (v. 4.05)

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product: L000-008
price:   $1.95    
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