slow X - again!!!

slow X - again!!!

Post by felmon davi » Sat, 19 Oct 2002 16:10:24


This is really weird! It's happening again after weeks of bliss. I have a
small home network including a laptop connected by NIC to a desktop. I
sometimes run X apps on the laptop to the desktop, specifically
realplayer. For awhile _all_ X stuff was intolerably slow but I solved
that by tightening connections and then everything was fine.

I ssh into the laptop and then invoke Realplayer. Last night, Realplayer
jammed - it's not halted but so slow as to be almost imperceptible. I
noticed that keyboard response on the x-term was so slow as to be
practically halted. I could ssh in via a fresh x-term and kill realplayer
and the former ssh session.

When I try to reinvoke Realplayer, it is again slow as can be. Even
rebooting the laptop, pretty drastic!, doesn't help. The only solution I
found was to reboot the desktop too! (No, telinit 1 doesn't work!) I mean
a _cold_ boot.

It's happened again tonight. I have another desktop connected and x-term
sessions and X apps fly rather nicely.

the laptop is a compaq presario 722us it has Realtek controller, 256 Ram,
amd 1,x00 Suse 8.0 and 2.4.19 w/ acpi patch installed (ugh!) hub is
desktop is home-built with 126 ram and Amd 700 using natsemi drivers on
Suse 8.0 and 2.4.19
using nv drivers on GeForce2 mmx ddr

I recently upgraded to this nv driver which might be relevant.

I just need a couple of good clues and tips. glad to supply more



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This is a bug in SCO TCP/IP 1.2.1; it is corrected by the most current
net382 SLS (*).  Quoting from its cover letter,

| 10. A new tcp driver (/etc/conf/pack.d/tcp/Driver.o) modified for
|     these reasons:
|     f. A possible six second delay is eliminated between multiple
|        invocations of rcmd or rcp.

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