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has there been a driver released for the
NEC CDR-260 IDE CDRom drive?
it's the CDROM drive that gateway gives with most of their systems.


1. mount NEC CDR-260 (IDE CD-ROM) drive

I install a CD-ROM of linux into my computer using CD-ROM drive.
My system is Gateway 2000 P5-60 with NEC CDR-260(IDE CD-ROM) drive.
After repartitioning my hard disk drive, I could boot linux O.S.
using the boot144. And then due to root14 I could login into the root accout.
As a root, I made and formated root, swap(82), /usr partitions.
Slackware was so straightforward that I followed the directions for
setup (addswap, source, target, disksets, install).
My problem was to decide the source of installation.
There was no option for my CD-ROM drive type,  NEC CDR-260(IDE CD-ROM) drive.
So I could not mount the CD-ROM drive on some directory of the filesystem.
Would please tell me how I can handle this problem?
Thank you very much.

- Doug

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