Problem copying root filesystem

Problem copying root filesystem

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I have been trying to install RH 6.0 on to a reiserfs filesystem, and
have encountered problems I hope someone can help with. I apologise for
the lengthy post, I have tried to document everything I did.

The Procedure:
1. Install RH 6.0 onto partition 1.
2. Install reiserfs kernel.
3. Format partition 2 as reiserfs.
4. Copy root fs onto partition 2 and boot from it
5. Format partition 1 as reiserfs and copy root fs back.

The Story So Far:
1. One SCSI disk for linux (/boot on primary IDE), partioned as:
      sdb1 Linux Native 3GB
            sdb5 Linux Swap 50MB
            sdb6 Linux Native 1GB
2. Installed RH6.0 onto the following:
      sdb1 unused
      sdb5 swap
      sdb6 on /
3. Compiled linux 2.2.17 with reiserfs patch
4. Install new kernel, reboot.
5. Formatted unused partition for reiserfs:
      mkreiserfs /dev/sdb1
6. Copy complete filesystem onto new partition:
      mkdir /mnt/new; mount -t reiserfs /dev/sdb1 /mnt/new
      mkdir /mnt/new/boot
      mkdir /mnt/new/proc
      mkdir /mnt/new/mnt
      mkdir /mnt/new/mnt/floppy
      mkdir /mnt/new/cdrom
      mkdir /mnt/new/tmp
      cp -dpR /bin /mnt/new/bin
      cp -dpR /dev /mnt/new/dev
      cp -dpR /etc /mnt/new/etc
      cp -dpR /home /mnt/new/home
      cp -dpR /lib /mnt/new/lib
      cp -dpR /usr /mnt/new/usr
      cp -dpR /var /mnt/new/var
7. Edit /etc/lilo.conf to add /dev/sdb1 root as different option.
8. Reboot into new - CRASH!

The Problem:
The kernel loads, but complains that it can't find various modules (e.g.
ethertap 1 thru 40). X refuses to load: the screen garbles, X shutsdown,
X restarts, the screen garbles...... ad infinitum.

Obviously I've done something stupid, but what?

Thanks for reading this far :-)

Chris Smith

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I have two hard disks. The one I use is ext2 file systems and have 5 partitions.
        /dev/hda9       /        150M
        /dev/hda1       /boot    15M
        /dev/hda5       /var     2G
        /dev/hda6       /usr     2G
        /dev/hda7       /home    2G

If I make three partions in /dev/hdb as below,
        /dev/hdb1       /
        /dev/hdb2       /boot
        /dev/hdb3       /home

and execute the below command line, it will work fine?
        # mount /dev/hdb1 /misc
        # cd /
        # find -print0 -mount | cpio -p -0 -d -m -u /misc

The /misc is new partition for reiserfs. 'cpio -p -0 -d -m -u' copy all the subdirectories to destination directroy, /misc? If so, I should make a big partition for it. :-(

Thanks in advance,


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