MDK 9.1, update-menus and KDE 3.1

MDK 9.1, update-menus and KDE 3.1

Post by giacomo boff » Sun, 01 Jun 2003 05:44:24

i have some script in my ~/menu-methods to generate menus for a
jurassic WM i happen to be in love with, but this is not the questions
i'm going to ask...


1. i installed MDK 9.1
2. i used KDE 3.1
3. i fancied using again that old WM of mine and, in preparation,
                          i ran update-menus
4. the Start Applications Menu (bottom left in the Panel) was replaced
   by another menu, sort of a "what do you want to do now?" thing

QUESTION1: what happened that replaced the menu?
QUESTION2: what can i do to avoid this "KDE menu switch" sadness when
           i will update-menus again?

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