Bill Gates: "MS software essentially bug-free"

Bill Gates: "MS software essentially bug-free"

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one has to hear everything ...
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Date: Fri, 27 Oct 1995 10:31:43 +0100

Subject: Mr.Bill Gates: MS software essentially bug-free

In an interview for German weekly magazine FOCUS (nr.43, October 23,1995,
pages 206-212), Microsoft`s Mr. Bill Gates has made some statements about
software quality of MS products. After lengthy inquiries about how PCs
should and could be used (including some angry comments on some questions
which Mr. Gates evidently did not like), the interviewer comes to storage
requirements of MS products; it ends with the following dispute (translated
by submitter; at some interesting points, I added the German phrase):

    Focus: But it is a fact: if you buy a new version of a program to
           overcome faults of an old one, you unavoidably get more features
           and need more storage.
    Gates: We have strong competitors and produce only products which we
           believe to be able to sell. New versions are not offered to
           cure faults. I have never heard of a less relevant reason to
           bring a new version on the market.

    Focus: There are always bugs in programs.
    Gates: No. There are no essential bugs ("keine bedeutenden Fehler") in
           our software which a significant number fo users might wish to
           be removed.

    Focus: Hey? I get always crazy when my Macintosh Word 5.1 hides
           page numbers under my text.
    Gates: Maybe you make errors, have you ever thought about that? It
           often appears that machine *s ("Maschinenstuermer") cannot
           use software properly. We install new features because we were
           asked to. Nobody would buy a new software because of bugs
           in an old one.

    Focus: If I call a hotline or a dealer and complain about a problem, I have
           to hear: `Get the update to version 6`. Everybody has such
           experiences. This is how the system works.
    Gates: We pay 500 million $ a year for telephone advice. Less than 1% of
           calls which we get has to do with software bugs. Most callers wish
           advice. You are kindly invited to listen to the millions of calls.
           You must wait for weeks until one complains about a bug.

    Focus: But where does this feeling of frustration come from which unites
           PC users? Everybody is confronted every day that programs do not
           work as they should?
    Gates: That is talking, following the motto: `yes, I also know about this
           bug`. I understand this as sociological phenomenon, not as

The RISK? While there is NO risk that experienced users believe Mr. Gates,
there are 2 serious ones: first, that politicians (who rarely experience the
lowlands of PCs but develop their "political visions" from their
unexperience) may believe him. Second and worst: that Mr. Gates and his
enterprise believe what he is saying, and act accordingly :-)

Maybe someone can inform Mr. Gates that it was HIS enterprise which recently
distributed the first Macro virus WordMacro.Concept on a CD-ROM to OEM
customers, in July, and to participants of a Windows 95 seminar in Germany,
in September); but indeed, this is NOT a BUG BUT an ATTACK on unaware users :-)
According to a German saying those whose reputation is corrupted may live free
and easy ("Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert, lebt sich's doppelt ungeniert!")

Klaus Brunnstein (October 27,1995)


Bill Gates: "MS software essentially bug-free"

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>one has to hear everything ...
>reposted (without permission) from comp.risks.

>Date: Fri, 27 Oct 1995 10:31:43 +0100

>Subject: Mr.Bill Gates: MS software essentially bug-free

>In an interview for German weekly magazine FOCUS (nr.43, October 23,1995,

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Quote:>Klaus Brunnstein (October 27,1995)

Yes, but isn't that why one of Msft's German nicknames is MicroSchrott ?
(Eng. MicroScrap)

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

T.S. Abdallah