Corrupt passwd file

Corrupt passwd file

Post by Jürgen Exne » Tue, 26 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>Hi, unfortunately I've gone and messed up the /etc/passwd file by joining
>first two lines into one.

>So now it looks something like:

>root:x:0:0:/bin/csh bin:x:1:1:/bin

>When I try to log in as root it tries to run the command "/bin/csh
>bin:x:1:1..." and fails to create a shell because that is a silly program

>Is there anyway around this? I can't find the original installation disks,
>could I use any Linux installation disk (eg redhat) to reboot the machine
>some sort of mode that would let me edit the passwd file to repair it?

This is very easy to fix.
Please check the Linux FAQ, question 6.11: "I have srewed up my system and
can't log in to fix it" or the several discussions about e.g. "I lost my
root password".

Jrgen Exner;, UID: jurgenex
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An example local passwd file that came with the distribution of
sliplogin somehow corrupted my master /etc/passwd file, after
rebooting from my master boot disk, I succesfully mounted my
root hard drive partition under a temporary mounting point in
my directory structure, and examined the damage.  Hence, the
corrupted passwd file.  After correcting the entries, I had a
working system again.

Many, many thanks to all who responded...with everyone's help I
was back up in less than a few hours....

Thanks again.

Scott Wade

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