Adaptec 7890 controller

Adaptec 7890 controller

Post by Mal Adriaa » Sat, 12 Dec 1998 04:00:00

    I am having trouble with the 7890 controller.  I installed the patch to
2.0.35 to red hat 5.1, and the driver worked great for a while.  It found my
UW hard drive, my wide CD-ROM, and my narrow scanner.  One day, it wouldn't
boot up anymore.  It would give the following errors:

(scsi 0) BRKADRINT error(0x50)
Data-path RAM parity error
PCI error detected

this would repeat over and over, but the SEQADDR would change to 0x1.

I am running an on-motherboard 7890 chip, the ASUS P2B-S motherboard.  I
have the bios set to id #6, the hard drive to id 0, the cd-rom to id 2.  The
scanner is always off when I try this.  I tried booting with the scsi BIOS
enabled and disabled.  I tried it with SCSI termination on and off.  Every
few days it would work, but then won't start up again.  I should have
recompiled the kernel without SCSI support and sought help.  But now it is
too late.

What is wrong?  I tried unplugging the CD-ROM and scanner, to no avail.  I
am told that 2.0.36 would fix this, but, being relatively new, I am locked
out of my Linux drive (which is IDE, consequently, so I could bypass SCSI

Is there anything I can enter at the LILO boot: screen to skip the scsi
detection and boot up, so I can install the new kernel?  Help would be
appreciated.  Is there a site that gives a list of LILO boot options?