Duplex printing option in /etc/printcap

Duplex printing option in /etc/printcap

Post by hugh » Wed, 01 Nov 2000 01:27:51


I bought a new LexMark Printer (Optra T612) with the Duplexer option.
the duplexer unit installed, it gives two-sided printing all
the time.  Is there any way to disable it without deinstalling
the duplexer unit?  For example, there is a check box in the
Windows 98 driver. So we can set up two printers with that option
box checked differently.  What can we do within LInux?

Thank you.




1. Need help with HPDJ720, printing script file and /etc/printcap

Hello to all:

As a Slackware user with an HP Deskjet 722C printer, I discovered the
PPA files from httptech.com, which I placed into a script file for

I'd now like help in configuring an /etc/printcap entry for full printer
control utilizing the two-line script.

I've tried different variations, and may come up with an answer by the
time a posted response is received, but I'd still like to see what
people can offer.



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