what soundcard for audio production?

what soundcard for audio production?

Post by Chris Spil [N3FW » Tue, 18 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I m looking for a cool soundcard that will support utils for doing
some basic audio production (post-editing, mixing 2 sources, etc) with
Linux. Also what util would you recommend to do all that?




1. Emu audio production card

I got a Emu adio production card some time ago. It uses the emu10k1
chip/prosessor. Tried to make the card work under redhat 7.3 using
'sndconfig' and ALSA.

Sndconfig recognizes the card as SBLive. I can't get the card to work.
When sounds should be played, the computer hangs.

Someone that could help me. I was told (by a more experienced linux user)
that the card should work since the emu10k1 was used in the card.

Need help!!


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