install Linux before linux-Ft?

install Linux before linux-Ft?

Post by david h » Wed, 28 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I just received and tried install Linux-FT. But the procedure is quiet confuse.
Should I have linux kernal resides in harddrive before linux-Ft is installed.
It seems the run-time Linux-FT does not have linux kernal in it. Is Linux-FT
work on the top of linux. Please advise me. Thanks in advance.



1. Linux-FT rev1.1 and Goldstar 540 ide install

/title News: comp.os.linux.setup

I can't  install Linux-FT rev1.1 (kernel 1.2.13) from my CD-Rom drive
installed  as slave on 1st IDE.

What I did :

1- boot from boot floppy
( I try this floppy on a PC with sbpcd CDrom and it 's OK,
 at least until the install menu)

2- the drive is recognized by the boot process ; a specific displayed line
 shows :

hdb GCD-R540, ATAPI, CDRom drive

3- continuing by

CRAMDISK: decompressing image

 and finally,

Where is the ft runtime CDROM : (list...) ?

4- I choose : 9 (= hdb)

5- the process tries to reach the CDROM (light on/off )
and sends various messages :
hdb : status error status=0x59
....                 error=0x60
VFS diskchange detected on dev3/64 (I didn't change anything)
First datazone 18 Root inode number 36864
ISO9660 extension RRip....

hdb: cdrom_read_from_buffer:buffer botch(75)
end_requests: I/O error, dev0340,sector 75

/dev/hdb : no ft CDROM

6- the init process stopped there

Please, has somebody any idea ?

(I read the hardware-Howto and I can't stated if is supported this
CDRom : GOLDSTAR, GCD-R540 used as slave on first IDE or not ? )

Many thanks

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