intalling linux from zip drive.

intalling linux from zip drive.

Post by Ben » Sat, 14 Mar 1998 04:00:00

i heard that you can install linux from a zip drive but you need to
reconfige the root and boot disks(i don't know which one... maybe both?).
could someone inform me of the details or point me in the direction of a
goot howto.  i've been to's ftp site but couldn't find
anything on the matter...




1. HELP: IDE ZIP drive and Red hat, cannot access Zip drive

Hi Linux friends,

I have a IDE ZIPdrive and want to use it under Linux
Currently I have Redhat 4.1 installed.

During start-up it finds my IDE zip at /dev/hdc (/dev/hdb
is my IDE cdrom), however any attempt to mount a disk or to access with
mtools failed. Mtools gives me a read error, with obscure messages like
hdc: packect command error: status=0x51 error=0x50.... (sigh)

Do I have to upgrade to Redhat 5.0. I read somewhere that it might work.
Does anybody has more experience with this matter and hence could
anybody give me some valuable advice, before I run to the store and buy
redhat 5.0 or get myself a scsi ZIP drive.

Thanx guys,

Hans Kramer

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