Scoreboard file

Scoreboard file

Post by Andy Smit » Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Lately I've been getting the message "Can't assign name to scoreboard
file!" at boot up. What is the scoreboard file?


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1. What is a "scoreboard file"?

Recently with RedHat 2.0 and Linux 1.2.13 kernel, I have been getting a
bootup msg., "Cannot assign name to scoreboard file!"  This just
suddenly started appearing, and I think must be connected to my system's
printer daemon... it (I believe) started happening right after I
switched my printer off just as the system was booting.

Doesn't seem essential to anything, system is working fine, but it is
annoying and I would like to understand it/get rid of it.  TIA, Bob L.

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