HELP IBM dip script does not dial pulse

HELP IBM dip script does not dial pulse

Post by FJ Hernand » Mon, 15 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,
I am using the IBM dip script to connect InterNet but
I do not the reason but I can not dial by pulse instead of
tones. It used to dial by pulse but after sometimes I do not
why it dials always by tones.
Normally I do not have problems but in some ocasions I can
not connect internet because the phone line only work by pulse.
I am using Slackware 2.3, kernel 1.2.8 and also I have compiled
The first lines of the script are like follows:
#LINUX DIP Script for the IBM Internet Connection

  get $remote
  # Set the desired serial port and speed.
  port modem
  speed 38400
  #send terminal databits 8\n
  send terminal flowcontrol rts\n
  send terminal telnet-transparent\n

  # Put in an appropriate modem string
  send ATQ0V1E1X4\r
  wait OK 10
  if $errlvl != 0 goto modem_trouble
  # your local access number
  dial 3933355
  if $errlvl != 1 goto modem_trouble
I always understood that when you do not put
an "t" at the end of the line " dial 3933355" it
should dial by pulse but it never happens.
I would appreciate any idea.

best regards,