Setting up an XT as a dumb terminal?

Setting up an XT as a dumb terminal?

Post by trum.. » Tue, 03 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hi 'Entropy',


>My parents have an old XT that they don't want anymore, and I'd like to
>be able to hook it up to my Linux box as a dumb terminal, using a serial
>cable. Does anybody know any reasonable software (free) that I can run
>on the XT to do this, either using the serial line directly (with a
>getty) or rigging it as a PPP or SLIP connection and using some sort of


I once used an old PS/1 with a dead hard drive as a serial terminal.  I put
DOS and ProcommPlus on a boot floppy, ran 'agetty' on my Linux server and
connected the two with null-modem adapted serial cable.  Just about any
communications software will work, my only disappointment with the arrangement
was the lack of complete keyboard remapping in ProComm.



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Hi all,

I just got a hold of a PC XT (from 1983! Wow, is this vintage or
*what*?). I would like to use it as a dumb terminal to my Linux system,
using a null modem. Problem is: i haven't a clue as to how to do this...

How do I set up on the linux host system?

How do I set up on the PC XT? I've got DOS (ugh!); do I need some
comm program to connect?

Any pointers to resources on the web?

Thanks alot for any help,

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