Mystery Chip...AMD

Mystery Chip...AMD

Post by Piotr Trzeciak C » Sat, 05 Nov 1994 00:06:55

That's true, but you can do the same thing (or almost) with Intel...
I have Intel 486DX2/66MHz and Opti motherboard with AMI bios. It has 3 jumpers
which set up the speed for the board. For 486/66MHz it is set up for 33MHz
(because the clock is doubled). It has however three more settings: 25, 40 and 50.
I have it set for 40MHz, and my processor works as 80 MHz, giving about 20-25%
performance increase ove original 66Mhz. True, it gets a bit hot, but with a
heat sink it does not create any problems. I'm thinking about 100MHz already!

1. Mystery Chip...AMD

While responding to an add inteh local paper for a $99 486 upgrade it came
to light that this upgrade was a quote "486/66 Mhz" which was a "faster chip and less expensive than the i486DX2-66". This propted my query on what the hell
this chip was and the response was AMD. I was not aware of this chip. I was
under the impression that all the 66's 75's 100's etc (non-Pentium) were
overclocked 33 Mhz chips. Does a 'real' 66 Mhz chip exist? If so (and I dont'
think so" do traditional mother boards ( ie that could handle a DX2) support
this chip. And Finally, if this is true is it compatble and reliable.

INquiring minds want to know!! ;-))
Colin P. Ryan
Ceramic Engineer and Computer Hobbyist           LINUX


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