WANTED : Linux ext2fs IFS for OS/2 alpha testers ...

WANTED : Linux ext2fs IFS for OS/2 alpha testers ...

Post by Matthieu WIL » Thu, 06 Jul 1995 04:00:00


>Linux ext2fs file system driver for OS/2 alpha testers wanted !!

>I'm currently writing a Linux ext2fs IFS for OS/2, and I need intrepid
>volunteers to do some very early testing. This driver will allow you to read
>(today) and I hope write (sometimes in the future...) files located on Linux
>native partitions formatted with the ext2fs file system. This is a port based
>on the ext2fs 0.5b code (Linux 1.2.1 kernel sources). After some setup
>manipulations, Linux partitions will appear as new drive letters (one per
>partition, and not chained together in a single tree like under Linux), and
>you can access them as if they were local drive letters.

>I'm developing this driver during my spare time (even if I work for IBM,
>IBM doesn't have anything to do with this driver, I develop it at home),
>so it doesn't progress very quickly. Anyway I hope I can finish it and deliver
>a full featured ext2fs IFS sometimes this year.

>I strongly need your feedback on how it works in other environments than mine.
>Don't expect something perfect, since it is still early code ... but it's
>better than nothing at all !

>You can find this first alpha release on ftp-os2.nmsu.edu in the /incoming
>directory (file named ext2-os2.zip) The proposed directory is /os2/unix.
>If you are interested, please try it and send me your comments, bug reports,
>suggestions so that I can improve it.

It seems the file has been moved to /new during the night by the ftp-os2.nmsu.edu
sysop and renamed to ext2_os2.zip.

>I hope you'll find this driver useful

>Matthieu WILLM                      I do *NOT* speak for IBM ...

Matthieu WILLM                      I do *NOT* speak for IBM ...


1. Linux ext2fs IFS driver for OS/2 : ext2-os2 0.2a needs alpha testers.


I've just uploaded a new version of ext2-os2 for ALPHA TESTING.
ext2-os2 is an Installable File System Driver (IFS) for OS/2 that allows
OS/2 to access Linux ext2fs partitions seamlessly as if they were normal
OS/2 drive letters. I need some INTREPID people to test the new features
of this alpha version....the main new feature being WRITE access :-))
The package also includes Deon's Linux partition filter (ext2flt) V1.2,
this filter will allow you to use ext2-os2 without hacking your partition
table(s). It also includes the full ext2-os2.ifs sources.

Please read carefully the documentation before testing ext2-os2.

The package is  on ftp-os2.nmsu.edu in /incoming, then will be moved to
/new and /os2/diskutils, the file is named ext2_02a.zip.

I'd like to thanks all V0.1 alpha testers for their feedback. Version
0.1 alpha was a success (ext2-os2 V0.1 was much stable than I thought !).
Now for version 0.2, it's another story...since write access is a lot
more complicated and bugs a lot more dangerous for your HD's health ....

Happy testing,


Matthieu Willm                        I do *NOT* speak for IBM ...

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