Question: many-channels sound recording

Question: many-channels sound recording

Post by Michel Bardiau » Thu, 25 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I'm looking for a sound board allowing simultaneous recording of
at least 4 mono channels (and with Linux support, of course).
Browsing the FAQs, HOWTOs, etc... has
so far produced only 2 results: it can't be done with any of the
SoundBlaster models from CreativeLabs; and I also found a reference to
something called a PAS16 board that *seems* (from context) to support
quadra mode, but I can't find the vendor's web site.

Anyone got any info? TIA.
Michel Bardiaux
E-mail Cc of replies welcome


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When selecting 'Line' as recording source, how can one mute the Line output
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I feel a slap upside the head coming my way, but:

Mixer settings in windoze are split into Recording and Playback sections.
With this I am able to record (recording) Line while muting the (playback)
and don't need to listen to the input while recording (but can listen to,
winamp instead).
 My hardware (an onboard VIA sound chip) is therefore capable of doing this.

For some reason I am unable to achieve the same thing with either kmix or
aumix in RH8.0.  The only source that records is 'Line' and the only source
that affects the output also seems to be 'Line'.  Muting the output also
the input!  DOH!

If I'm being unusually dim please enlighten me and let me know if you owe
me that head-slap.

best to yall

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