help Root partition mounted read write

help Root partition mounted read write

Post by Thomas Hor » Thu, 25 Jan 1996 04:00:00

every time i boot linux (with loadlin) is says
it has been mounted read-write and should be read-only
when i change it to read-only it says it should be read-write !

How can i win ????

Thomas Horan

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I installed SLS2.0 from CD-ROM, But now when I boot linux with
LILO, or the Boot disk you make... It mounts the root partition
as Read-Only.

Anyone have any ideas what is going wrong?  I have my machine set
to normally boot DOS.

I can mount the partition RW when I start linux with the Boot/Root
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I am using "ext2" as the partition type.  My swap partition is
properly mounted.

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