login sessions keep on using CPU power after being logged out.

login sessions keep on using CPU power after being logged out.

Post by Wanne de Kl » Thu, 16 Nov 1995 04:00:00


it seems that since 1.3.35 or 36 login keeps active after I've closed my
terminal application (I don't always correctly log out). Currently there are
two login sessions active which don't connect to a terminal program (netstat)
for more that 12 hours. They're using up to 45% CPU power each :(
If I remember this behaviour started with 1.3.35 or 36 and it hasn't
disappeared with kernels up to 41.

Can anybody reproduce this strange behaviour?
I'm using slack 2.30.


Wanne de Kler.

PS Has the kernel mailing list disappeared ? I used to receive a digest but I
haven't seen it for over three weeks now (I've lost the email address).


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